Focus and Scope

FOCUS. Journal Of Mental Health And Social Rehabilitation (JMHSR) is a journal published by the Politeknik Ilmu Pemasyarakatan twice a year. 

1. Mental Health such as; anxiety, depression, bipolar, behavioral disorders, Autism, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Post-traumatic stress. This journal allows the reader to have a better understanding of biologic factors, psychosocial factors and genetic factors of psychiatric disorders and mental illness.
2. Social Rehabilitation practice, this interdisciplinary journal examines vital aspects of the fieldùfrom innovative practice methods, legal issues, and literature reviews to program descriptions and cutting-edge practice research. Use it to enhance your knowledge and skills and to broaden your professional understanding of the impact of the individual, family, group, community, and social services delivery system on persons with disabilities and on the rehabilitation process